All recipes provided by South Asian Health Institute (SAHI) and Fraser Health

SEHAT Lassi:

This refreshing and wholesome drink can be prepared as a quick snack or as a healthy breakfast alternative.
Download the recipe here:
SEHAT Lassi - Punjabi (325 kb)
SEHAT Lassi - English (988 kb)

SEHAT Trail Mix:

This nutritious and fulfilling mix can be enjoyed when hunger strikes.
NOTE: Limit to only 1 serving per day
Download the recipe here:
SEHAT Trail Mix - Punjabi (842 kb)
SEHAT Trail Mix - English (543 kb)

SEHAT Tomato Mint Salad:

This energizing salad can be eaten any time and will feed your hunger.
Download the recipe here:
SEHAT Tomato Mint Salad - Punjabi(652 kb)
SEHAT Tomato Mint Salad - English (1 MB)

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